Animal Reiki Classes
Tau Center, Wheaton, IL 

Create a stronger bond with your animal companion.

This is a great opportunity if you are new to Reiki or interested in adapting Reiki for animals. It's a beautiful way to foster a healing connection with your pet. Now in many animal shelters, holistic care, and conventional veterinarian centers, I'd love to help you share this incredible healing modality with your animal loving community!

Animal Reiki I & Shoden
  • Learn the history of Reiki
  • Begin to sense & Recognize energy 
  • Explore meditation & hands-on techniques for humans and animals
  • Examine ways Reiki can assist all beings
  • Receive Attunement I
  • Earn Reiki level I Shoden certificate
  • Manual included in fee.  

Animal Reiki II & Okuden 

  • Deepen your Reiki practice with humans and animals
  • Identify symbols and mantras
  • Advanced techniques for humans and animals
  • Expand your healing space
  • Receive Attunement II
  • Earn Reiki level II Okuden certificate
  • Manual included in fee. 
  • Prerequisite: Animal Reiki I

Reiki I & Animal Reiki Training- Shoden
Tau Center, Wheaton, IL 
Saturday, July 8th, 2017
9am- 3pm

Reiki II & Animal Reiki Training- Okuden
Tau Center, Wheaton, IL 
Saturday, July 15, 2017
9am- 3pm

Animal Reiki I- Shoden

$ 150 USD

Animal Reiki II- Okuden

$ 150 USD

Animal Reiki Package- I & II

$ 300 USD

If registering by cash or check, please click here

Thank you for including Animal Reiki in you life!
Details will be emailed prior to your class (location information, class materials, etc). 
I look forward to seeing you soon!