Art Projects for Reiki Practitioners and Teachers

Are you looking for innovative ways to boost your Reiki Practice, Classes, or Shares? I am now offering FREE Reiki art projects!  Each lesson is filled with great ways to infuse Reiki into the project! They are fantastically easy, will definitely enhance your creativity, and improve student participation, all while contributing to your community! Many of the projects are geared towards animals, but can easily be modified to meet your needs. Try one today!

Not a Reiki Teacher or Practitioner? No problem. You can still warm the hearts of all you share them with.

Shelter Animal No-Sew Blanket
Kathleen Prasad is a world renowned Animal Reiki Teacher. She is a leader in the field and has written many books on the subject. Kathleen's book,The Animal Reiki Handbook- Finding Your Way with Reiki in Your Local Shelter, Sanctuary or Rescue, is highly suggested for the Shelter Animal Blanket art project.
Reiki Art Project-Shelter Animal Blanket.pdf Reiki Art Project-Shelter Animal Blanket.pdf
Size : 508.066 Kb
Type : pdf
Pet Companion Dream Catcher
Pets dream just like their human companions. Here is a way to assist your pet to a good night's sleep.
ARWA Art Project-Dream Catcher.pdf ARWA Art Project-Dream Catcher.pdf
Size : 734.119 Kb
Type : pdf
Handmade Greeting Card
People love getting greeting cards, especially when they're from the heart. Here's a project that will brighten up anyone's day!
ARWA-Greeting Card.pdf ARWA-Greeting Card.pdf
Size : 620.37 Kb
Type : pdf
Positive Energy Painting
What do good vibrations sound like, feel like, and look like? It's time to experiment with paint!
ARWA-Energy Painting.pdf ARWA-Energy Painting.pdf
Size : 587.235 Kb
Type : pdf
Charms for Pet Collars
Looking for a way to include earth's natural healing elements into your pet's healthcare? Try these collar or cage charms.
ARWA-Reiki Charms for Pet Collar.pdf ARWA-Reiki Charms for Pet Collar.pdf
Size : 526.972 Kb
Type : pdf
Clay Paw Print
Capture your pet's essence in this time and space with this project!
ARWA- Clay Paw Print.pdf ARWA- Clay Paw Print.pdf
Size : 503.548 Kb
Type : pdf
Create a harmonious space for backyard wildlife.
ARWA Art Project- Birdhouse.pdf ARWA Art Project- Birdhouse.pdf
Size : 521.886 Kb
Type : pdf

Animal Reiki Craft Night (1 Evening- 2 hours)

Art is an integral part of who we are as humans. It's time to share this gift! Gather your friends & family together to celebrate the joy of art and healing for animals. This can be great way to share with a Shelter/Rescue, contribute to wild animals, or create for your own pet companions!

In this event you will:

  • Choose the location (your house, etc)
  • Select a craft project for your gathering that will benefit animals
  • Create a pet friendly craft in a light, playful environment
  • Assist in offering positive, healing energy to the creations so that each animal receiving the craft project will be enveloped in harmonious love.

$100 plus supply costs (rates will vary depending on party size and project)

Craft Night Project Options Click Below
Craft Night Project Options.pdf Craft Night Project Options.pdf
Size : 417.001 Kb
Type : pdf