5 Tips For a Successful Animal Reiki Session 

The most important thing to remember before your pet's Reiki session is the bond that you share. You will automatically create a healing space out of compassion because of your unconditional love for each other. Since you want the very best for your pet companion, here are just a few ideas to get the most out of a session: 

1. Session Time. Choose a session time that's good for your pet companion: after breakfast, mid-afternoon nap time, or evening down time. By selecting a restful time of day, your pet has a better chance to settle into his or her session. 

2. Happy Belly. Your pet companion should feel comfortable, not hungry, during a session. So it's always good to plan ahead, making sure he/she feels satiated. 

3. Peace & Quiet. Select a time when your space is as peaceful as possible. Reiki works in all situations, but your pet might feel most relaxed if it's quiet or if soft music accompanies the session. Try both to see which he or she likes best. Take a deep, soothing breath as the session begins. This will help you and your pet to relax, letting Reiki soak in. 

4. Favorite Place. Your pet's home is the best place for a session. Feeling safe and secure is priority for your pet companion. Does he or she prefer one room over the other? Is there a favorite chair, couch, or space that he/she enjoys most? Let your pet pick a spot to settle into that's the most enjoyable. A happy pet = a happy human. 

5. Move Freely. Your pet companion should be able to move around during the session. It's ok if he or she gets a drink, stretches, changes position, or even jumps to look out the window. Your pet is happiest when there is free choice of movement. Reiki will always reach the areas in need.  

Are you looking for ways to enhance the quality of life for your pet companion? To learn more, try a class or schedule a session!