"I met Amber through a mutual friend a couple years ago when my cat Allie was going through chemo treatments for mammary gland cancer. Amber has been a Godsend for my furbabies. I believe because of Amber’s gentle way and her wonderful Reiki offerings, Allie recovered much faster than expected. Allie truly loves her Reiki sessions with Amber. When my boy Tiger was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, Amber was so kind to offer Reiki to him daily. Amber has a huge heart, she is extremely generous and her love for animals is amazing. Allie and I consider her family, and we are so glad that Amber is in our lives." -DS

"I have already taken Animal Reiki classes but I learned so much from this class that I didn't  already know. Amber is a great teacher and I highly recommend her class." -DS

"Amber is confident, relaxed, and set such a good tone from the beginning of the class that it was so easy to learn Reiki from her." -LM

"The class was relaxed, had a good pace, and good information with detailed examples. Amber has great energy, and her love for all animals shines through." -LN

"I Love that I get one on one. Love the location, ease of conversation, lessons, and Amber's energy." -LR

"Great location for learning. Good flow of information and learning the techniques of Reiki. I now have a fuller understanding and how this practice helps. I am so interested in pursuing the next level of Reiki and beyond." -JK

"Length of class is perfect. I liked the use of animals for hands-on practice and the open format with time to ask questions and talk together. Thank you very much for having this class. Your teaching style is so open, kind, and encouraging." -KL