2023 Animal Reiki Classes 

I'm so excited for this year's classes! You'll be receiving amazing, updated manuals created by Kathleen Prasad from Animal Reiki Source that are informative, user friendly, and beautiful. 

To start the year, I'll be taking time to refresh with some continuing education of my own in the animal reiki world. I'm looking forward to being the student! We're lifelong learners in this field. 

I will continue to post new class dates and can't wait to begin the New Year with you!  

Let Animals Lead® Level 1 
(TBA) More class dates coming soon! 

Let Animals Lead® Level 2 
February 21 - April 18th (no class on March 28th)
Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm - 7:15pm Central Time (CST)
8-week online course with live meetings.

Let Animals Lead® Level 1, 2, 3 (CST) 
8-hour class (1 day or split multiple days)
Locations (Wheaton, IL and Union Grove, WI)
Class Descriptions below.  

Contact me to start a class. 

I believe in giving back. 
A percentage of all class proceeds are donated to local Animal Rescues and Sanctuaries. 

Choose a class size that fits your style.  
I offer classes to individuals, small groups (up to 8 people), and large groups.

Set up a class based on your needs. 

I'm happy to create a class specifically for you and offer multiple payment plans. I offer online and in-person classes. Please contact me to set up your class. 

I choose to include Kathleen Prasad's manuals for my courses, founder of Animal Reiki Source and Let Animals Lead® method. The manuals are easy to follow, full of vast amounts of useful information, and are a wonderful resource for your Animal Reiki journey.   

Course Descriptions

Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki Level 1 Certification Class (Shoden) $375

Learn how to help yourself and your pet refresh, recover, and rejuvenate with Reiki. This holistic Japanese healing practice can strengthen the healing process, assist social and emotional conditions, and works well with traditional medical treatment. This class is available in-person or online. 

  • Learn the Let Animals Lead Method ® Created by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source
  • Practice Reiki precepts with humans and animals
  • Explore self-care and meditation techniques
  • Examine ways Reiki can assist all beings
  • Receive Reiju
  • Earn Reiki level I certificate
  • Receive extensive course manual 
Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki Level 2 Certification Class (Okuden) $425

Continue the journey of this restorative Japanese practice and deepen your healing ability with animals. This class is available in-person or online. Prerequisite: Level 1 Let Animals Lead®️ Class.

  • Develop your Reiki practice with the Let Animals Lead Method ® Created by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source
  • Identify the first three Japanese Reiki symbols and mantras
  • Practice meditation techniques for humans and animals
  • Examine ways to treat animals with Reiki
  • Receive Reiju
  • Earn Reiki level II certificate
  • Receive extensive course manual 
Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki Level 3 Certification Class (Shinpiden) $999

Delve deeper into your own personal practice with animals, while also learning how to establish your own Animal Reiki profession.  At this time, this class is only available in-person. Prerequisite: Levels 1 and 2 Let Animals Lead®️ Class.

  • Continue discussion of mantras and identify the fourth Japanese Reiki symbol
  • Examine your own personal Animal Reiki journey and philosophy 
  • Learn how to cultivate a professional teaching practice 
  • Permission to teach Animal Reiki courses and reijus 
  • Receive Reiki Master Reiju
  • Earn Reiki level III certificate
  • Receive extensive course manual 
Animal Reiki For Kids $75 

Children are naturally connected to nature and animals. Animal Reiki can help foster this connection as they grow, as well as assist them to be compassionate, empathetic citizens on earth. This workshop is a great opportunity for your child to explore Reiki in a light, fun way. 

  • Explore energy in a playful, meaningful manner
  • Examine ways Reiki can assist all living creatures
  • Practice healing techniques from Barbara McKell's, Reiki Kids manual
  • Optional Reiki I Attunement with parental permission
  • Manual included
  • Receive a Course Completion certificate