Tuning Fork Therapy: The healing science of sound. 

What is Tuning fork therapy? There are at least 8 forks that can be applied during a tuning fork therapy session. Each fork has a specific frequency that relates to an energy center within the mind/body.  Sound waves are created by striking a two-pronged metal fork against an activator (rubber disk, hand, wood). The vibrations within the fork move air molecules, generating sound. This movement is measured in Hertz (Hz). As frequencies from the fork are placed near or on the client, they enter the ear. Nerve impulses are then sent to the brain. 

What does Tuning Fork Therapy do? Because our bodies are made up of more than 60% water, sound waves can affect the mind and body, even if the person or animal is deaf. Because tuning fork therapy is a modality used to relax the system, it supports physical ailments, anxiety, depression, and social issues. Tuning fork therapy is a helpful tool to encourage daily well-being.   

When setting up your pet companion's appointment, please specify if you'd like to include this complimentary modality.