Six Pillars of Let Animals Lead Reiki Method® 

  1. I follow the Let Animals Lead®️ approach created by Kathleen Prasad based upon traditional Japanese Reiki techniques.
  2. Animal initiates touch for comfort and support.
  3. Focus is on the present moment and the animal's perfection. 
  4. Flexible and compassionate meditation (sitting, standing, walking).
  5. Mindfulness with each animal for peace and healing.
  6. Honors animals as teachers and healers. 

What Reiki is and does

Reiki fosters a gentle healing connection that cultivates well-being; all while creating a stronger bond with your animal companion. It's offered to promote healing on a physical, social, and emotional level. Reiki's safe, peaceful approach goes to the areas in need. 

Benefits of a treatment: feeling of health and well-being (stress reduction), encouraged healing process, pain and inflammation management, behavior and aggression assistance, and hospice process support. 

My goal is to improve the life of your pet companion through the Let Animals Lead® Method. This method allows the animal to guide the healing process through meditation and compassion with six pillars (listed above).  

Animal Reiki Session

Most of my sessions are distant at this time. The treatment is gently shared from my healing space to your pet. No phone call or zoom session required. 

Each Session Includes:

  • Request for your pet's photograph.
  • Permission from your pet. I always honor the animal's request to receive or not accept reiki during a treatment.
  • A nurturing intention that envelopes your pet during the treatment.
  • Choice of healing so that your pet is always in charge.
  • The opportunity for reiki to empower your pet physically, socially, and emotionally (drawn to where it needs to go).
  • A state of relaxation, shifting positions, or alter between both.
  • Notes emailed afterwards.
  • Check-in to see how your pet is doing since the session.

Session Length:

  • 30-45 minutes
  • Based on your pet's choice 

Session Fee:

  • $40 individual session
  • $150 4-Pack discount

Click here to learn how you can create a healing space for your pet during his or her session. 

As a reiki practitioner, I do not diagnose or interfere with veterinary care in any way. I follow the Animal Reiki Code of Ethics developed by Kathleen Prasad.